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The creator of this system was born in 1910 and his name is Imi Lichtenfeld he was raised and educated in Bratislava, which is the capital of Slovakia today. His father, Samuel, an official of the police self-defense instructors, they learned many of the techniques and tactics for street fighting that would be later incorporated into the system and Krav Maga Training of the KMT Jewish martial arts.  

Krav Maga founder Samuel began his career as a circus acrobat and wrestler, but later joined the Police Department, where he served for three decades as Chief Inspector. After several years of traveling and fighting in the so-called Jewish Brigade (military unit composed of five thousand Jewish volunteers who fought under British command in World War II against the Nazis). Imi came to Israel, then called Palestine. He joined the Haganah, a paramilitary organization of the Jewish community, within which he fought for Israel’s independence, this time against the British. 

During his service in the Haganah, Imi took the opportunity to teach soldiers basic self-defense techniques. After the formation of the state of Israel, the Israeli government commissioned Desa roll ASE Imi in the KMW or Krav Maga Worldwide that is an effective system of self-protection, defense, and fighting, which later became the Krav Maga street fighting. Haganah members joined the army of Israel, and Imi became the Chief Instructor for the military school in education and Krav Maga in Israel.

After 1964, the Krav Maga opened to civilians, the techniques have spread rapidly among the Israeli population, thanks to the team of highly qualified graduates trained directly by Imi, who are accredited by the Ministry of Education Israel as teachers Krav Maga to spread his teachings. In 1978, Imi and several of his students, including our Instructor Richard Douieb was in (that years later would become its official representative for Europe), he founded the Association of IKMF Krav Maga, an organization created to spread the teaching of Krav Maga in tyhe land of Israel and throughout the world.

Imi Krav Maga system is based on moral and human values, emphasizing personal integrity, non-violence, and humble conduct. These principles have been and continue to guide students of Krav Maga to this day. Imi died in 1998, but his legacy continues. In recent years, this new discipline has spread beyond the borders of Israel. There currently active clubs Krav Maga are worldwide in thirty countries include Israel, the United States, and France as having the greatest number of licenses. In some of these countries, Israeli Krav Maga was formally adopted by the government agencies and security agencies, GIGN-France, HRT-FBI, LAPD, in KMT Etc … As a story of our time, say Imi was born in the Empire Austro-Hungarian in 1910, which later became Czechoslovakia to finish taking the Slovak-Israeli dual national.

What is Krav Maga?

As we have already mentioned, Krav Maga (which means in Hebrew “contact combat”) is the official system of combat and self-defense’s used by the Israeli Special Forces, Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Israeli police and the secret services. It is also taught in different institutions associated with the Ministry of Education of Israel.

Krav Maga is divided into two main parts: Self-defense and combat training.

Krav Maga and selfdefense

Self defense is the foundation of Krav Maga training. Students learn to defend themselves against hostile situations, to prevent attacks, and quickly rid your assailant. In this part defenses are incorporated into a wide and varied range of aggressive, such as punches, kicks, chokes, holds acts and defenses against multiple attackers and attackers armed with knives, guns, firearms or blunt objects. At more advanced levels it is taught how to neutralize a terrorist with a hand Granada, or a long gun (rifle, shotgun, etc ..)

Israeli Martial Arts

Much of the learning is based on how to avoid violent and dangerous situations for men, women and children. If you can go out of the way, or if you can solve the confrontation by talking, do so. It is not to start a fight or create heroes, but to get away from danger and serious conflict.

It is used to the defense all kinds of techniques empty hand, using fists, elbows, kicks, knees, biting, butting and any utensil that can serve as a weapon, trying to stop and reduce the opponent as quickly as possible, without giving them the opportunity to attack again.

Our students apply the basic principles and techniques of the experts like Guy Dar (Guydar) and Eyal Yanilov as ninjas in the ultimate Krav Maga training experts in many adverse situations, such as in the dark, circumstances sitting at a disadvantage, lying or influenced by stress or extreme fatigue. Our workouts and youtube video training seeks maximum realism as possible, even several times a month is practiced in street fighting.

The Krav Maga in combat

The combat CKM Commando Krav Maga is a more advanced phase of Eyal Yanilov’s Max Krav Maga which teaches how to neutralize an opponent quickly and effectively. Includes related to the current conception of combat elements: tactics, feints, powerful combinations of different attacks, psychological aspects of combat. Learn to use the elements that surround the practitioner of Krav Maga in a particular place to look for your advantage.

Moreover, as one aspect common to these two facets that have been exposed, KMG Krav Maga Global incorporates a selfdefence special practice session method, not only in the physical development of the student but also in the mental discipline so as to strengthen the spirit and develop the ability to act in violent confrontations with high levels of stress.

This is not just another where to learn Tactical Krav Maga training martial arts style video course, composed of traditional and sophisticated movements and has no preset shapes or combinations of techniques such as in traditional systems. It is a modern method characterized by using the logical, easiest and most natural way, using the defense simple and natural human body movements, which allow one to achieve a relatively high level of effectiveness in a relatively short period of instruction . His Keysi Fighting Methods and  techniques are quick, powerful and forceful.

The lethal nature of ninja Kravmaga simulates the real-life situation. Teaches practitioners how to save your life and how to emerge unscathed from violent street performances. To be effective, it can not include rules and limitations, no sports competitions that are intended for use in actual combat. Anything goes to defend and repel an aggressive violent intruder wanting to do harm.


Woman Krav Maga fighting techniques and YouTube video classes

Kraw Maga, Krav maga training for women.
Learn self-defense for women, this Krav Maga video training is perfect for men, women, children and kids of all ages.




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